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September 12 through September 27, 2011


Brittney Hines · September 27, 2011 at 9:08pm

Update from Atlanta for Tuesday Sept.27th- Just spoke with my Mom-In-Law (Barbara- aka David's Mom) and she wanted me to tell everyone that David had another busy day! The speech pathologist okay'ed it for David to now move onto soft foods!! The foods have to be pureed (like baby food) so there are no complications with him swallowing. I believe she told me that one of his meals today (of course) was a cheeseburger but pureed:-) Makes me think back to all the times I have been at their house and David was eating a Big Mac! Can't wait til he is able to enjoy one again!

David was also in his wheelchair again two more times today!:-) Yeah Dave!! The first time (he was in it for over an hour) and visited the gym, where he was able to hang out with some of his new friends for a bit. Unfortunately, David is still experiencing A LOT of neck and back pain so the wheelchair isn't always much fun, but he knows its part of his recovery process and manages to get through it! The doctors and staff there are VERY motivating there and do not let the patients give up or be "lazy"- they don't really give Dave that option:-) The second time he was in the wheelchair, he was just sitting in his room resting and getting a feel for it again. Dave is going to be in the wheelchair every day (for a certain amount of time) so he can get more accustomed to it. The nurses/PT staff also said its only going to do good things for his lungs as well. Sitting upright (instead of always lying down) will get more of the mucus and junk in his lungs out, which also means, less lung PT and suctioning! This is really all so awesome to hear! This is going to be one long journey for Dave but like the old saying goes "slow and steady wins the race!!" Baby steps are what is important in Dave's journey right now- every day is progress and another BIG step towards recovery! We are all behind you Dave...every second of the way! Every day is a new day and a new chance for you to over come this "new" lifestyle! WE believe in you buddy!! Love you and lots of prayers and wishes heading your way!!♥♥ xoxo

Brittney Hines · September 26, 2011 at 8:11pm

Update from Atlanta for Monday Sept. 26th- Just got off the phone with David’s mom and she wanted to let everyone know he is officially out of the ICU and was moved into a “regular” patient room for the start of his PT and recovery process. WOOHOO!!! After a rough weekend, David is starting to feel better. He still needs to be careful because of his heart rate and what activities he engages in during PT. Today, the physical therapists working with David, got him into an electric wheelchair for the first time! Such GREAT news!!J Even though it was only for 20 minutes (and he remained in his room), this is huge progress for David. The plan is to get him into his own electric wheelchair every day, for more and more time, to start getting him mobile. David is still experiencing a lot of neck pain, which is why his time in the wheelchair was limited today. Hopefully, down the road shortly, he will be in the wheelchair, becoming more and more mobile as each day passes.

I was also told that David is meeting a lot of other 16 year old patients and making new friends every day. He is very interested in knowing more about the kids he is meeting and how they were before their accident to the recoveries there are making since they have been at the center- some have been there for months at a time and still remain hopeful. It’s so great to hear the optimism and enthusiasm coming from the other patients, as well as David. They are also a very IMPORTANT part of his recovery process while in Atlanta.

Tomorrow, Dave and his family are meeting with a speech pathologist, to see how his swallowing is coming along. David’s mom mentioned he is able to swallow, and hopefully after the meeting, he MAY be able to start soft foods! Yay Dave!!J We are ALL so happy to hear about your amazing progress down in Atlanta, and you haven’t even been there a week yet! Can’t wait to hear and see what is in store for you in the weeks to come! We ALL love you very much, think of you every day and wish only more great news and progress headed your way!

Brittney Hines · September 25, 2011 at 9:27pm

Update for Sunday Sept. 25th- I just got off the phone with David's mom (Barbara) and she wanted to let me know that unfortunately, David had a really rough day today and had a bit of a set back:-( His trach ended up getting blocked my mucus, which was making breathing extremely diffcult for him. As a result, his heart rate plummeted and David had to receive heart rate medication to keep it up at safer levels. Barbara said David had 6 people working on him through out the day to make sure things were okay. The settings on his ventilator were increased to assistance. She said he had morphine today and one of the doctors there, thinks he should be switched to something else. David also requested he not be alone- between, Mom, Dad and Emily taking turns and shifts, he will always have company:-) As a part of ANY recovery, there are always good days and bad days...there will be set backs and triumphs. Today was a rough day but tomorrow is the start of a new day/new week and room for lots of improvements. Barbara said he is in the best place in the country be to caring for him and his kind of injury and we all need to remain optimistic that David will recover. It won't be today, tomorrow or in a month, but he WILL get there!:-) We're ALL so sorry to hear about today David, and wish you better days to come!:-) We love you and keep up the fighting spirits big guy!!<3xoxo

Brittney Hines · September 25, 2011 at 8:47am

Update from Atlanta for Saturday Sept. 24th- Today will be the first full official day in Atlanta for David and the Hudgik Family!:-) I just talked to David's mom and she has nothing but GREAT things to say about the Sheppard Center:-) She wanted me to let you all know that Dave is VERY happy in Atlanta and constantly smiling. I already have a amazing vibe about this place! Already his neck pain is down and his breathing seems to only be improving since he arrived to the center. David is SO much MORE comfortable and really enjoying the new facility. Barbara also wanted me to tell you all that Dave FINALLY slept (completely comfortable) for the FIRST time in over 2 weeks!! Yayy!!!:-) He is going to be completely busy from here on out (9 am to 4 pm) daily working with doctors, getting accessed and starting physical therapy. Today is going to be a full day of assessment to see where Dave is at and starting up a daily regiment for him while he is down there. Also, Dave has been telling his mom that he has MORE feeling in his legs and toes!! THIS IS SO AWESOME!! I had tears coming to my eyes when Barbara told me this! And he can even (SO SORRY DAVE!!) feel bowl movements now! This is such a HUGE step and major progression for Dave! I know he is going to make a full recovery thanks to the Sheppard Center in Atlanta! So grateful he has this opportunity to be there! I think we will be seeing Dave and the Hudgik's before no time at all:-D Keep the prayers coming...they are clearly being answered!! We love you Dave!!♥ Hang in there!! You are making huge strides in success already!!♥♥

Brittney Hines · September 23, 2011 at 7:49pm

Atlanta Update- I guess they don't mess around at the Sheppard Center in GA!!:-) Barbara texted me when they landed and said they were briefly greeted once they got to the center and before she knew it, David was whisked away by the doctors! They are already getting down to business (that was a few hours ago). I was just talking to my husband Jason on the phone (who was visiting his dad Paul at home in Keene) and said that David is already settled in and feeling at home. He has a big smile on his face and ready to start the recovery process. David has a TV that when he blows into a tube, it turns the channels and volume for him- way cool!!:-) I guess they are already working on David's breathing and trying to get that under control and start PT ASAP! I am SO happy the family made the decision to send him to Atlanta- sounds like he is in GREAT hands and is REALLY benefitting from the place already!!:-) We love you Dave!! Make us proud! We know you can do it!!!♥♥

Brittney Hines · September 23, 2011 at 10:28am

Another update- I can't believe I almost spaced it but David had an MRI last night (at midnight) and the outcome of the MRI looks good! The swelling in David's spinal cord went down a significant amount and according to his mom, "Everything is looking good!" SUCH GREAT NEWS!! HOPEFULLY in the time to come, he is able to start moving more and feeling more since the impact and swelling of the cord is going down by the day! All the praying and wishing must be paying off!!:-D Keep it up everyone- maybe we will have Dave back before we know it!?:-D Love you big guy and keep it up...you are truly doing amazing!!♥

Brittney Hines · September 22, 2011 at 9:09am

Update for Thursday Sept. 22nd- I was just told that David is now sleeping after a rough couple of days/nights not getting too much of it. I know he enjoyed every single one of his visitors the past two weeks or so, and his not sleeping is not due to you guys:-) The percussion bed never helps things, along with any neck and shoulder pain he may be feeling. David's mom said that he will be getting an MRI at midnight to see how the healing process is going in his neck and spine- I am, and I'm sure you ALL are too, anxious to see how that will turn out! Let's hope nothing but the best for him and everything is healing the right way!:-) Last minute plans for GA are in swing and I cannot wait for them to FINALLY get down there! Dave needs all the best medical attention he can get! This place is the BEST of the BEST, so I am sure David will be making big strides in recovery and back to his old self in no time!!:-) Love you David! We are all here for you and cannot wait to hear the progress you and are making once you arrive to GA! There is not a day that you don't enter all our hearts and minds!!♥ STAY STRONG!!!♥♥

Brittney Hines · September 21, 2011 at 10:40am

And another wonderful update- the Hudgik's were just told that between the Shepard Center in Atlanta, GA (where David is going for rehab) and the Children's Medical Center (where David is now in MA), the medical flight for David to get down to GA (that was supposed to be an out of pocket expense) is fully paid for!!!:-) This is truly amazing!! Both the hospital and Shepard Center were willing to give the family the money towards the flight!! I am speechless!! The family is SO fortunate to have SO MANY wonderful friends, family, accquaintance and medical staff behind them every step of the way during David's recovery! I am still blown away by these two facitilies generosity!! What WONDERFUL news!!!

Brittney Hines · September 21, 2011 at 9:48am

Update for Wednesday Sept. 21st- Talked to David's Mom and he had a bit of a rough night last night. Not sure if he didn't sleep too well or the exact situation but she said he seems very tired this morning. The doctors and nurses are still monitoring his breathing (still on the ventilator) and still needing to use the percussion bed as well as manual PT for his lungs and breathing. He still needs his mouth suctioned to make sure all the "junk" is getting out of his lungs and not staying in. I believe his breathing is much easier after the procedure he had done yesterday so that is good news!:-) Baby steps Dave, but this is all heading in the right direction for your recovery! I just can't wait for you to get to Atlanta and really start this journey to get back to your old self! It may some time, but time is on your side! You are a fighter and we all have a strong feeling you are going to make it through this all! WE LOVE YOU DAVE!!!♥ LOTS of love and prayers coming your way big guy!! xoxoxoxo

Brittney Hines · September 20, 2011 at 11:11am

Update for Tuesday Sept. 20th- David's scope procedure went extremely well and was VERY successful! It took a little longer than expected because the doctor's had SO MUCH mucus and junk to suck out of his left lung. The best part was, almost as soon as the procedure was done, David turned to his family and said "I can breathe!!" This is AMAZING news!!!:) I am literally jumping up and down as I am writing this for you all! This is such a HUGE step for him and a positive turn in the right direction! Now that David can breathe much easier, we're hoping he can come off the ventilator soon and he will be breathing on his own and feeling overall 100 times better. What a sigh of relief! I can't even imagine Dave what that must have been like to fight for air- but now that it's over (fingers crossed) I bet you will be in even BETTER spirits now! Dave, we're all so proud of you buddy! You are doing amazing and can't wait to hear how you are doing later on today! Love you!!!♥

Brittney Hines · September 19, 2011 at 8:37pm

Another update- An hour or so before Jason and I left David today, we found out that David will be going through, yet another, minor procedure tomorrow. Sometime tomorrow (Tuesday) early afternoon, David's doctor's would like to insert a scope into his mouth and make the scope's way into his partially collapsed lung (I believe its his left) and suck out all the mucus that is left over in that particular lung. The mucus is the reason his lung is still collapsed and it's preventing him from breathing on his own. The percussion bed and the nurses manual respiratory PT is working but not getting David to where he needs to be, at least breathing wise. The doctor's are hopeful, that after tomorrow's procedure, David should almost instantly start feeling better and able to breathe more on his own. Within a day or so, hoping all goes well, David SHOULD (fingers crossed) be breathing 100% better and MAYBE without a ventilator!:):) Everyone keep David in your thoughts and prayers tonight and tomorrow. Even though breathing may seem like such an easy every day habit for us, this is a HUGE step triumph for David! Being able to breathe on his own is going to not only cheer him up more, but its a HUGE step in the right direction for David. Once this procedure is done and he can master breathing on his own again, so much more will start looking up for him! I cannot express how truly AMAZING David is and how much struggle he has enured and put up with already! He is such a fighter and the strongest individual I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! We love you Dave and we can't wait for some good news ahead!!♥

Brittney Hines · September 19, 2011 at 12:40pm

Update for Monday Sept. 19th- Dave had another really good night! He was able to get a good night's sleep and continue his respiratory rehab. This morning as I walked into the room and said "Good morning sunshine!", he flashed me the famous David Hudgik smile- and man did I melt!:) haha He has such an amazing spirit and up beat personality despite all the hardship he is going through. He will continue to be getting respiratory physical therapy (percussion bed and manual draining of the mucus in his lungs) until he is stronger and able to breathe on his own. On another side note, the Occupational Physical Therapist came in around noon today and showed the family some of the exercises he needs to start doing (every 2 hours or so) for his arms and legs to keep them from going stiff and to hopefully start regaining some more strength. David is now officially starting PT today for arms, hands and legs!:) All I can say is, keep up the amazing work Dave!! You are SO incredibly strong and I completely admire your courage and strength. You are going to get through this! If anyone, it is YOU buddy! WE LOVE YOU!!!♥♥♥

Brittney Hines · September 18, 2011 at 4:03pm

Update for Sunday Sept. 18th- Dave is in such great spirits as we and the family (about 13 of us here) are visiting with him today! So many smiles he has been flashing us all- god I miss that smile!! I think he really appreciates all the visitors he has been getting lately:) He is even making some jokes and pulling pranks on us- that's the Dave we know:) Today is more respiratory rehab- David was moved into a new bed that helps him breathe better. The bed almost acts like a message chair- lightly beating his back/lungs to get the mucus out of his partially collapsed lung, making it easier for him to breathe. I cannot believe how strong and how much of a fight he is putting up to get to where he needs to be. To be able to see him is the BEST feeling in the world. Sending lots of love and hugs your way bud! You got this!!!♥ More updates to come!:)

Brittney Hines · September 17, 2011 at 4:27pm

Just heard from David's sister, Emily:), who wanted to give me an update- David has been moved to a different bed, one that will support him better and hopefully, help make breathing a little bit easier for him as well. I was also told that they were working on starting rehab for him as well today!:) I want to say strictly his fingers, hands and help getting him to breathe better on his own. If I hear anything else, I will be sure to post more as well!:) Keep it up David, you are doing AMAZING!!!♥

Brittney Hines · September 16, 2011 at 11:21am

Newest update- I wanted to share what Candy Ebbighausen has posted this morning on the CaringBridge site. I think her post will bring much happiness and joy to all of us on the latest news we have learned about David!!:)

Here's the post by Candy:

Unfortunately I am one of those people, and I'm sure many of you are too, that puts time lines to things. "one week ago today..."

If we could turn back time...well Cher would have worded her song differently, and obviously we would have all invited Dave to a movie or maybe a book club last Friday, BUT life doesn't work that way. This is what was to happen and in one week we have seen a family and community join together. Connections have been made, new friendships have formed and old ones have become even stronger. And David, in one week has been through so incredibly much and still maintains his beautiful smile, sense of humor and determination.

Today, I had the wonderful chance to speak to Dr. Jan McGonagle. I have known Jan since she was my boys pediatrician years ago. Although she is no longer practicing at the Clinic, I can easily have a conversation with her whether it's in Price Chopper, the produce section at Hannafords or on the phone to talk about Dave. Dr. McGonagle, or Jan as Barb and I call her, sings in a choral group with Barb and has been a wonderful medical "go to" person for Barb and her family.

We spoke for quite awhile and I wanted to share with all of you! Jan informed me that David has been ok'd to go the the Sheppard Center in Atlanta, Ga. This is the most wonderful news! My thoughts over the last couple of days was that he may be in Georgia for years until Jan said something about David in school. I questioned what she meant and she said with the way Dave is progressing he could very well be back at school within months...not years. I held back the tears of joy. She also said that whatever Dave is able to do now will never go away. He will always have use of his left arm and will only start to gain more strength. There will be opportunities for Dave, from flying to skiing, with the help of special equipment. Thank you again Jan!

Today I will ride down with Dave's Dad, Paul. It has been requested that we bring a couple of movies that Dave would like to see! Again I know that many of you want to visit and I will get a feel of that when I go down today and let you know what are his restrictions.

Thank you Candy for sharing that news with everyone! If you are all like me, I am SO UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY to hear this good news!! David's mom has told me that GA is the BEST place (in the country) for David and his condition at this time. We cannot be selfish and wish him not to go because we would all miss him too much! We need to be super supportive, wish him the best of luck and want him to be where the best doctor's are available! I know we will ALL miss him so terribly and keep him in our thoughts and prayers daily! Not sure when this will all be taking place- I was informed his lungs need to get stronger and he needs to recover more from the tracheotomy. But it will be happening eventually. 
We love you David! We know you can make great things happen!!!♥

Brittney Hines · September 16, 2011 at 10:50am

Update for Friday Sept. 15th- Just spoke to David's mom and she said that David is doing well (in good spirits) but unfortunately the surgery that took place yesterday (the tracheotomy and gastric tube) is going to be a slow recovery:-( She informed me that David still will not be able to eat any solid foods and drink anything til further notice. David's speech pathologist said it all has to be put on hold because he is still on a ventilator to help him breathe and deemed it too dangerous because the doctor's don't want anything to end up in his lungs:-( This has been such a slow process and will continue to be that way for David for a long time. He really needs all the support he can get right now!:-) Dave- we are ALL here for you and will continue to be! We cannot wait for this struggle you have been going through to be over! We are all hopeful you will make a full recovery and in time, be back to your old self! We love you buddy!!♥ Sending SO MUCH love your way!!♥

Brittney Hines · September 15, 2011 at 5:54pm

Also some MORE great news! It was brought to my attention by Rebecca Ogg that the Pumpkin Festival is right around the corner (October 22nd) and why not try and see if we can get a booth/table at the festival selling some kind of Halloween treats and ALL the proceeds will go to the family! I LOVED this idea and immediately got a hold of the sponsers this year, Sterling Design & Communications, and told them David's story. I just heard back and they said they would LOVE for us to be apart of the festival this year!!!!:) I am completely thrilled we can make this happen for the Hudgik's!! To be considered part of the actual Pumpkin Festival, we need to sell some kind of craft or baked goods. I wanted to see how many of you are interested in helping us out and would like to bake something for our booth! Doesn't have to be anything complicated- cookies, brownies, etc. will do!:) If ANY of you have any other ideas, please let me know! Rebecca Ogg- If you are interested in helping out further, or anyone for that matter, I'd love the input!:)

Brittney Hines · September 15, 2011 at 2:28pm

Update Thursday 9/15- David's in recovery from this trachotomy and gastric tube surgery this morning. He is doing well and in good spirits, just the poor kid is dying of thirst!:( They can't let him have anything to drink I believe until tomorrow:( The doctors just want to make sure everything is going okay with the tracheotomy and no complications arrive! I just want to say, David, you are doing such an AMAZING job through all of this. None of us can imagine what you are going through, but we are ALL here for you every step of the way!:)

Brittney Hines · September 15, 2011 at 9:39am

David is currently in surgery this morning- the doctors are going ahead with the tracheotomy and gastric tube! Waiting to hear when he is out and how he is doing!:) We're all thinking of you David!!

Brittney Hines · September 14, 2011 at 7:31pm

David's mom just informed me that David's surgery (for both a tracheotomy and a gastric tube) is happening tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. This is all depending on how is temperature is doing from earlier today. If all goes well (like we hope) and his temperature keeps going on, then it will be a go, and David will be in a much better state!:) Thoughts and prayers going out to you Dave!! Wishing you the absolute best tomorrow on the surgery!!!:)♥♥

Brittney Hines September 14, 2011 at 1:02pm

Another update- as of right now, David's tracheotomy will be scheduled for sometime on Thursday (tomorrow). This is great news! As mentioned several other times before, with the tracheotomy, David will be able to breathe much better, talk and starting to eat solid foods! Let's all hope for the best!:)

Brittney Hines September 14, 2011 at 11:27am

Update for Wednesday Sept. 14th- This morning Dave woke up with a fever and the doctors believe the cause to be due to an bacterial infection:( Not sure how he go the infection but the doctors have started antibiotics and this will hopefully do the job!:) And since he has an infection, they are unable to perform the tracheotomy/surgery until the infection is gone. Poor David...this has been such a rough journey for him but he is AMAZING and such a trooper! This is such a small bump in the road, but I know he will be back to his old self soon! We ALL love you David and you are in our thoughts and prayers every day!!!♥

Brittney Hines September 13, 2011 at 9:27pm

Newest update- David's tracheotomy is scheduled for Thursday now. This will allow him to breathe better, be able to talk and be able to eat solid food! Jason also told me that once this procedure is done, David SHOULD be able to start physical therapy as well!!:):) Keep it up Dave!! You are doing awesome!!♥

Brittney Hines September 13, 2011 at 2:26pm

Update for Tuesday Sept. 13th- Today David is under going more respiratory testing. According to his older brother Jason, David is still having trouble breathing on his own. There is still a lot of swelling and mucus building up so that prevents him from being able to breathe solo- remember he also still has a partial collapsed lung:( They still have the breathing tube in, and HOPEFULLY tomorrow, the tube is taken out, and a tracheotomy will be performed. The doctors are hoping that this will allow David to breathe much better (we are hoping on his own), starting to talk again and start eating solid foods. I know this is a baby step, but a BIG step for David and a crucial one too! Everyone please keep him in your thoughts!♥ If I find out more, I will make sure to post:)

Brittney Hines September 12, 2011 at 3:33pm

An update for today- after more respiratory testing and x-rays, it turns out that Dave has 1 partially collapsed lung, which is making it difficult for him to breathe on his own. He is now going through the process of a tracheotomy, which will allow him to breathe better (and hopefully on his own) and talk too. There is still a lot of swelling in his throat so it may be a bit before he is fully able to breathe without assistance. I was also told that he is beginning to feel SOME sensation in his chest and stomach as well!:) This is SUCH good news! Let's keep the prayers coming! I know he can make it through this!


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